We operate some of the most advanced, precise equipment available.

Our Equipment

We strive to have the most cutting-edge equipment available for our trade, including:

CNC Mills

  • 1-Haas VF-3 CNC Mill with full 4th axis
  • 2-Haas VF-2 CNC Mills with full 4th axis
  • 1 Haas VF-4 CNC Mill

CNC Lathes

  • 1-Mori-Seiki SL-300 CNC Lathe
  • 1-Mori-Seiki SL-25 CNC Lathe
  • 1-Mori-Seiki SL-20 CNC Lathe
  • 2-Haas ST-30 CNC Lathes
  • 1-Hwatcheon HiEco 10B CNC Lathe

Wire EDM

  • 1-Brother HS-70 CNC Wire EDM

Support Equipment

  • Fortune engine lathe
  • Hardinge precision lathes
  • Sunnen hone with all mandals 1/4"-6" diameters
  • 2-Boyer Schultz 618 surface grinder
  • 2-Bridgeport milling machines
  • Tapping machine


  • Brown & Sharp CMM coordinate measuring machine
  • Sunnen Bore Gage-complete set
  • Up to 24" Mitutoya OD micrometers
  • 1 optical comparator
  • Numerous surface plates with gauging and indicators
  • Height, ring, pin, and thread gages